3D Anatomical Bone Graft Design

The market demand of Bone Graft Design has been significantly increasing. After a unique metal artefact reduction of CT recordings, we prepare a 3D reconstruction of the skull providing flexible consultation during the whole process. The defects in the 3D skull model are replaced by anatomically fitting bone grafts designed with engineering precision to provide a sufficient cross-section for fixing the implants ensuring complete rehabilitation. A Bone Graft designed with engineering accuracy significantly reduces surgical risks. At Centipede Labs we design accurate, fast and professional bone graft surgeries and flexible consultation is provided at all stages of the procedure. The first design is guaranteed for FREE for our future partners!

Implant Design

Based on our 3D designs, accurate implantation can be achieved by drilling templates, which are designed with regarding to prosthetic and anatomical conditions. Templates fit to the bone and the occlusal tooth surfaces ensure the most accurate designs. Centipede Labs is brand independent! We design templates for any drill kit of any manufacturer based on our customer requirements.

Surgical Aids Design

At Centipede Labs we design special surgical aids for various surgical interventions. Cutting templates are made of 3D printed sterilizable material, which ensures the engineering accuracy of the incisure. Our Individually designed special tools are always tailored to your needs.

Unique CT Reconstruction

In most cases, the patient already has an implant or denture with metal content that causes the so-called metal artefact, making accurate CT diagnosis difficult. Recognizing that no professional bone graft or other precise implants can be designed for noisy imaging, we have developed a software process that effectively detects metal artefact and re-visualizes the anatomic details needed for accurate design. Our image enhancing software avoids of repeating the CT scan thus protecting the patient from EXTRA RADIATION LOAD.